The Answers To The 3 Questions

Remember the 3 questions?

Perhaps it is only fair to explain why I feel I don’t have a lack of money mindset and why I came to the conclusion that it is indeed a lack of abundance mindset instead, by answering the 3 questions. Who knows? Maybe it will help one of you come to a realisation about your own mindset!

What did I hear around money when I was younger?

Yes, I heard the same old, same old:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“Turn the lights off!”

“Stop wasting water”

What did I see around money when I was younger?

I would see Mum do stuff to make money go further. The two things that I probably remember most was that she would shop once a month in bulk (it would take two trolleys) and she made or mended the majority of our clothes.

What did I experience around money?

Again, it is the stand out things in my mind:

Mum rarely spent money on herself. She took a lot of pride in her appearance, but she would set her hair in rollers herself, sew her clothes (both casual and formal), do her own nails etc.

Dinners out were rare. Much rarer than they are these days. Dinner parties were more the go. I distinctly remember however on the occasions we would dine out both Mum and Dad saying they would have a cup of tea at home. I always remember thinking “it’s part of the dining out experience. Why not have a cup of tea out?”

These were my initial thoughts. My immediate answers to the 3 questions.

There are however two sides to every story.

I am not being Queen Justifier here. I don’t think? I am someone who looks at both sides of the coin (pun intended) in fairness to the situation and/or those involved. Cross out whichever is irrelevant!

As I further thought about this whole money thing and how I feel about it, I thought, growing up, we always had enough. We always got lots of birthday and Christmas presents – and if you know the size of my family, that is A LOT! Mum was savvy and so was Dad. They didn’t rush out to get the latest and greatest item as soon as it came on the market. They would save up and purchase practically. Mum was very considered in her choices about what she spent their money on. I don’t know if Mum ever worked off a budget. Perhaps not as Dad worked for himself so it could have been hard to have one to stick to if incoming amounts were not consistent. So who knows? If I am Queen Justifier, my Mum was Queen of making the dollar stretch. In our family, there were 8 mouths (plus a dog) to feed, plus any ring-ins we invited at the last minute! There was always food a plenty for everyone and a variety of food at that. We had holidays. Mum was a stay at home Mum so her role – apart from everything plus the kitchen sink – was to look after the finances. Mum steered the finances so that our home was paid off 10 years early. That doesn’t happen from not having enough money. And the big cracker that sealed it for me that I don’t have a lack of money mindset was that we were never ever made to feel like we were missing out on anything.

There is a BIG difference between intention, perception and reception.

The intention of teaching a child the value of a dollar can be perceived and received negatively in the words “money does not grow on trees”, “turn off the lights”, “stop wasting water”. It sounds like it sends a negative message about money and how to handle it. The big clanger is, I don’t ever remember being told or overhearing “we can’t afford that.” That was never the vibe. Hence why the subconscious message I did receive around the whole money thing was that there was always enough.

That lead me to ponder:

Aren’t money and abundance the same thing?

I would have thought so. But then again….

Stay tuned. We will discuss that next!


The Daily 5

Earlier this year – which only means a week or two ago given we’re in the first week of February – I was washing up – where all my good thinking happens – and I came up with 5 amazing questions to ask myself daily.

The truth is, I have asked them once.

And we have had quite a few “daily’s” in the last few weeks!

Now might be a good time to confess I am short term focused. Memory of a gold fish you might say. Or Dory.

Just call me Dory.

Anyway, as I said in my one and only prior post, I am doing this gig to remain accountable to myself. And my (surely I have already) 5000 followers!

So to put these questions up, and post on a regular basis, also means I will answer these questions on a regular basis. Makes sense right?

I will now put you out of your misery suspense:

  1. What have I achieved today?
  2. What am I grateful for?
  3. What made me laugh?
  4. What made me think?
  5. What did I do that made me live or brought me closer to my dreams?

By avoiding these questions, I don’t have to be accountable to myself. But who am I letting down?

If I do answer these daily, I know they will keep me on track. Especially numbers 1 and 5.

I am by nature impulsive and therefore focus on short term thinking. Trust me, it is a fun way to live and has countless pluses. However I am not naturally a long term planner. I tend to be great at starting but not finishing. I bounce from one thing to the next. And I have just realised I am sounding more and more like my 4 month old puppy!

Because 2016 came and went in a flash, I thought it would be fun to knuckle down in 2017 and see, just see what I could achieve if I really applied myself in a more long term fashion.

When I said earlier that I am intrigued at where this could take me, I was not kidding.

I am Queen Justifier remember, so I can make an excuse for anything and get myself to believe it.

If I stick with this, I really am excited to see where this will lead.

I have nothing to lose, everything to gain. And the one thing I don’t EVER want to do is die wondering.

After all, the definition of success is never being able to say “What if?”




Should I hit SEND?

Well, the whole reason this post, indeed this whole shabang is starting is because of 3 questions:-

What did I hear about money when I was younger?

What did I see with regard to money when I was younger?

What did I experience around money when I was younger?

You see, believing I must have had a negative mindset around money, I thought it timely to answer these questions. Turns out, I really don’t have a negative mindset when it comes to money! Woo hoo, that’s a relief!  Sure, I worry about finances a lot more than I would like to, but my mindset, I have determined, is actually one more so of a lack of abundance than a lack of moula.

It was a really interesting exercise to do. I should have done it years ago! Oddly, it got me thinking: that I’d like to document my journey of turning this mindset around so that it is detailed blow by slow motion blow of how it can be done.  That’s presumptuous of me isn’t it? That it can be done? Well, stay tuned and let’s see if it can be.  I am as excited and as suspense filled as what you are.

No, really.

It seems I have taken stock and have been taking stock for waaaaaayyyyyy too long now. Like it is easier in a sense to take stock and play it safe rather than, dare I use the term, move forward.

Ah there it is. Move forward. I bloody hate politics and political correctness even more. I loathed the term ‘moving forward’ when our first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard did it to absolute bloody death in one of her earlier speeches.

Just on Jules, I saw her on telly recently and I have got to say, whatever she has done with herself, she looks great! I am not and have never been a huge Julia Gillard fan but I have to give credit where it is due. She has gone all Benjamin Button on us and dropped 15-20 years off her look by – there it is again – “moving forward” out of the 20th century into the 21st you might say.

Anyway, I digress. Back to me.

I believe that in order to turn my situation around, I need to turn my mindset around.

What is my situation I hear you ask as you do the inverted comma fingers when you say situation?

I have dreams of how my life should look and feel that my efforts to bring this about are not reflected accurately in my reality.

Well that’s a bummer isn’t it?

You see, time flies. For everyone I know, but I am always stunned at how quickly time shoots on by.

I’d like to think that I have had a damn good crack at achieving, really achieving my goals and dreams before the final curtain closes. I am hoping I have quite a few performances left in me before that happens!

2016 came and went like nobody’s business. I started the year all gung-ho and truly believed I was going to make major inroads into everything throughout the year. Which, I did. I made progress I am not going to lie. Did I get anywhere close, even remotely, to where I thought I would or should be? Nup. I seemed to fill 365 days with blah blah blah and then justify to myself (and a few others) as to why items on my list didn’t get ticked off.

Reality is, I have dreams and seem to do jack shit about actioning them. Telling the universe is one thing. The universe would probs like to see me get off my butt and give myself a hand to make stuff happen, rather than make excuses. Be a doer not a talker. Live not just exist. Face my fears and do it anyway. Now I’m getting all herbal and philosophical on you.

To keep myself accountable, I thought I would start this shindig. A raw, unfiltered (at times uncensored) but always light-hearted look at my journey from where I am at to where I want to be. It’s crazy and a wee bit un-nerving, hence the title.

At the end of the day, I really just have to ask myself, what am I waiting for?

I can read all I want into a fortune cookie or clairvoyant reading, sit back and let life happen to me, or I can take action and play my part in my fate.

Feel free to jump on this wild bus and enjoy the ride with me. That’s assuming it’s enjoyable of course, and being the eternal optimist I am known to be, I feel certain it’s gonna be fun!

So should I hit SEND?  Well, here goes….