Aren’t Money and Abundance The Same Thing? Understanding The Mindset.

Off the cuff, without too much detailed thought, I would have said that money and abundance are pretty much the same thing.

When I pondered the 3 questions, and more so my discovery of a lack of abundance mindset, it made me want to gain clarity on the difference between money and abundance.

Money is pretty clear cut.

Abundance ordinarily translates to ‘a lot of’.

Abundance however can and will mean different things to different people.

You can have an abundance of debt. An abundance of bad luck. An abundance of joy or love or blessings.

A person can have very little money yet feel such positive abundance in their life, being grateful for what they do have rather than what they don’t. Bless them.

Improvising is one of my strong suits. There are many pro’s for being like this. One of the cons though is tending to ‘make do’. For example, I may require a 1/2 cup of buttermilk for a recipe. I may want to avoid a trip to the shop to buy the buttermilk and I may also think that for 1/2 cup it is not worth buying the 1 litre I would be required to purchase. What the frig will I do with the remaining 875 mls? So I will google and make the buttermilk substitute out of milk and lemon juice. Two ingredients I always have.

Go on, applaud me. I am being savvy by coming up with that. I am also mindful though that at the bottom of the thought barrel is the not wanting to spend the goodness-knows-how-much-but-it’s-more-than-milk amount on the correct ingredient. I’m relating it to money but it is more of the ‘make do with what you have’ thought pattern I am conscious of. Yes it is savvy and innovative. But there is a soft undertone of a lack of abundance, of ‘don’t spend the money’. Because it is only a soft undertone, I am not particularly worried about it. At this stage!

That is just one example and it focuses on spending money.

What about earning it?

I have a very strong work ethic. I always have so I am guessing I always will! For me to have my own business and charge for my skills I will often wonder:

Is the price I am asking too much? Or am I underselling myself?

Hindsight is an amazing thing isn’t it?

I can look back on jobs I have done or even just financial situations I have been in and I can see much more clearly now how I should have either handled the situation, what I should have (or shouldn’t have) settled for or backed myself more on what my price should have been.

So why didn’t I at the time? And therefore why don’t I now?

As I said, I know I have a strong work ethic. I have an attitude of doing whatever it takes and I never give up. If there is a way, damn straight I will find it. Everyone I have ever worked for or with has always gotten more than their pound of flesh out of me. And that is fine. I have never shied away from hard work or putting in more than the required effort.

So why do I question my dollar value?

I don’t know that it is because I don’t feel worthy, but it seems to lean a little that way don’t you think?

Do I fear that people will say I am not worth that much? But what is that price?

Do I fear that I will not get the job and therefore what will I do?

Do I fear that I am not capable of meeting their expectations?

I have proven time and again that I always do the job and I do it exceptionally well. I am (in addition to the other amazing things I have told you about myself!!) a customer service focused person. I will always endeavour to go above and beyond for the customer to exceed their expectations. It is why on many occasions I have been told I should be in sales. It is not that I am actually good at sales. It is because my customer service is so red hot that I gain additional business.

Far out. Listen to me! Next I will be screaming “I’m a celebrity, get me outta here!”

I can’t even google the bloody answers to these deep, thought provoking questions. Each time I type what I think is a good way to ask them, I get stupid bloody irrelevant options for responses!

Shit. That means I have to keep delving into myself! This is getting tricky, and will take a freakin’ blog load of posts to figure out!

Hold my hand. Let’s keep going.

Here’s another way of looking at it. (This is more for me than for you I think!) When I go shopping and I find a dress, for example, that catches my eye, before I look at the price, I come up with a price in my mind of what I would be prepared to pay for that item. Do you do that too?

When it comes to me spending money I can be thrifty, absolutely, but I think it is more fair to say I am mindful. But here’s the thing: I automatically think that everyone thinks the same as me when they spend their money. Be it on a dress or on a person’s skill set.

I am looking at the value. But how I see the value in an item or a person’s skills will be entirely different to how someone else will see it and what value they place on it. It will always have everything to do with the ‘problem’ it is solving and what it means to the person who needs the ‘problem’ solved.

When it comes to my earning capacity, am I putting a low value on myself? Or should I be looking at the situation not from the dollar value but the value of the problem I am solving for that person?

Doing the round trip back to the lack of abundance mindset in relation to earning money, I have put a value on what I have required. The price I have needed in order to pay the bills. An amount that I think is fair.  Speaking solely from a work point of view, what I should be more mindful of in future is what the client requires and the value of what my work will bring. Meeting their needs rather than my own. Discussing with them what their requirements are and why they are important. Establishing that will enable me to not only come up with my price but also enable them to understand why my price is what it is.

This is a start. I certainly think there is room for more exploration in order to adjust my mindset – and yours if you are this way as well. As I said, it could take a blog load of posts…

Now that we have distinguished the difference between money and abundance and begun touching on the mindset, let’s look at how we can adjust the mindset. Permanently!